The Living Course

TLC is a three-day weekend course that motivates its participants to identify, address, and manage critical issues so they can live happier lives. TLC is a unique personal development program, offered in a group setting that provides life-changing skills to participants ranging from 12 to 80 years of age, coming from all walks of life.
This course taught me the importance of self-love and empowerment. My relationships, particularly the one with my parents, has grown and strengthened after applying the tools that I learned over this weekend intensive. The best part is when I look in the mirror and I love the person looking back at me…it’s never been like that before.” Kyle B. - student, South FL

Advanced Course:
The Future You are About to Create

Advanced Course is an opportunity for ten students to work together as a team creating a team project that will make a difference in their community and the world while personally growing to another dimension. It is another new beginning!

Advanced Group is an opportunity for a small group of students to increase their ability to empathize, widen their depth of feelings, work in close partnership with others, bond as a team, experience paradigm shifts regarding pieces of unfinished issues from childhood and feel the joy of making a difference in someone else’s life far beyond assisting. The Advanced Course students get to express their thinking, feeling and ideas authentically in a way that calls forth the alignment, cooperation, and partnership of other team mates.